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I’m a historian, curator, communications strategist and information designer, living in Los Angeles since 2020. I have decades of work experience in universities, museums, government and the private sector. In recent years I’ve become a globally-recognized advocate for the design of safer streets and motor vehicles. Whatever the challenge, I’m passionate about combining words, images and data to communicate content that matters.

Welcome to Slow Ottawa 1.0

Today, Sunday morning. Beautiful fall weather.

7:45. Get out of bed. No kids this weekend.

7:50. Finish some leftover coffee.

8:00. Zazen (坐禅, sitting in front of a blank wall).

8:30. Make a fresh pot of coffee.

8:50. Walk along the bike path, snapping some photos on the camera phone to make a new Slow Ottawa header.

9:45. Back to the house.

10:15. New header completed. Here it is: Continue reading