Car Share

You can share a car with a neighbour by means of a straightforward contract (sample here), or you can go to the following local businesses.


VrtuCar provides 24-hour access to a fleet of over 100 cars located in five downtown Ottawa neighbourhoods, as well as Kingston, Gatineau and Montreal. Here’s how it works. Click on the map below for an interactive version, and scroll down for roaming arrangements in Toronto and SW Ontario.



VrtuCar also has roaming agreements with  AutoShare in Toronto, and Community CarShare in Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Elmira, Guelph and St. Catherine’s.  (Click on those links for relevant details and/or contact info.)

Student Car Share

Discount auto rentals runs the Student Car Share program at Algonquin CollegeCarleton University and University of Ottawa.

For carpool/rideshare resources go here.


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