Solar Power

As technologies advance solar energy is becoming an increasingly viable source of clean, reliable and relatively maintenance-free power. As noted on David Suzuki’s website, “Ontario, which receives more sunlight than leading solar installers like Germany and Japan, has emerged as a North American leader in solar photovoltaic (PV) installations.” But Canada’s investments in this domain are still low. A 2011 survey revealed that Canada produced a tiny fraction of the solar energy produced by Germany,  even though Canada has far greater potential.

The above map of solar capacity was produced by the Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA), which has excellent resources on Canada-wide energy initiatives on its website.

The website for the 1000 Solar Rooftops Campaign—”a collaboration of citizens, businesses, and non-profits in the Ottawa area”—is a good place to start learning about local solar power initiatives. It includes a page of case studies of regional installations, in addition to a page of Resources & Links.

For a local listing of Solar Energy Systems & Equipment at go here.

For an overview of wind power facilities in Ontario go here.

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