Make Things

Why pay to have a thing made or repaired when you can save money, reduce waste and have fun by doing it yourself? The Slow Ottawa website is itself a DIY project, made using free online software from WordPress—a service that was simply not available a few years ago. With so many instructions and ideas available online it’s easier than ever to assemble or hack anything from furniture and plumbing to clothing,  toys and stationary. All you need to get started are some basic tools, some found materials and a little work space

Imagine Space is a makerspace in the Nepean Centrepointe branch of the Ottawa Public Library providing facilities for 3D printing and modeling; laser cutting; photo, video and audio editing; a green screen and video gear; as well as hand tools and electronics. Makers can purchase fabric supplies and use sewing or serging equipment at Fabrications in Hintonburg. To find out about pop-up workshops and other Ottawa maker initiatives visit the Crafts/DIY section of the Apt 613 website. For reflections on the need for community freecycle centres, maker spaces and tool libraries see the Slow Ottawa ‘Share’ page.

Click on the map below for a listing of some arts and craft stores in Ottawa courtesy of

arts_and_craft_stores_mapFor further musings on the virtues of handicraft I recommend this eloquent (and occasionally profane) talk by wonk-turned-repairman Matthew B. Crawford, author of Shop Class as Soulcraft—a book available in paperebook and and audiobook CD formats at the Ottawa Public Library. For a perspective on the economic value of cultivating a broad base of cooperative skilled workers, listen to this brilliant talk by Richard Sennett.

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