Dumpster Diving & Curb Surfing

In Ottawa it’s customary to put useful items you don’t need out on curb. Especially if your items are numerous or specialized, it’s good to get rid of them quickly by snapping a photo and posting it in the free section of Kijiji Ottawa. A free mobile app that lets you post items straight to Kijiji from your phone.

For hassle-free disposal of items such as working appliances, furniture or building supplies you can always find a nice day to leave items curbside and post a Kijiji ad with a photograph and an announcement reading: “Free [Items] on curb at [address] as seen in photograph. First come, first serve. This ad will be removed when all items are gone. Please do not contact.” Nor does the item have to be your own. You can post an ad for any curbside freebie you come across using the handy Kijiji mobile app. If it’s free and useful there’s a good chance some guy with a truck will take it.

There are a number of online Ottawa freecycle groups (i.e. places where one can give and take items over the internet) are listed at the bottom of this page. It would be good to replace these rather cumbersome with a network of dedicated freecycle centres in Ottawa–i.e. places in one’s neighbourhood where one can discard and pick up items that would otherwise end up in the garage or on the curb. These might readily be combined with maker spaces.


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