Garbage, Blue box, Black box

The City of Ottawa website provides regular collection service for garbage, blue box, black box and yard waste. To help you remember there are printable calendars, as well as handy e-services that send you weekly collection information via an automatic calendar update, or notification via email, phone or Twitter. Click here to select your preferred mode of communication. To find out how to recycle particular items check the Waste Explorer.

Drop-off Recycling

Click image to go to Waste Explorer @

In addition to curbside recycling the city provides drop-off services for a variety of recyclable materials including TVs, computers and other electronicsChemicals, paints and other household hazardous materials; or needles and syringes.

The handy Waste Explorer search box provides quick access to information about recycling and safe disposal services for hundreds of items including appliances, BBQs, batteries—you name it.

Building Supplies

Here’s a list of building supplies and household items that you can donate or purchase at your nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They also accept electronic waste and aluminum cans that support their work in building and retrofitting houses for people in need.


For hassle-free disposal of items such as working appliances, furniture or building supplies you can always find a nice day to leave items curbside and post a Kijiji ad with a photograph and an announcement reading: “Free [Items] on curb at [address] as seen in photograph. First come, first serve. This ad will be removed when all items are gone. Please do not contact.” Nor does the item have to be your own. You can post an ad for any curbside freebie you come across using the handy Kijiji mobile app. If it’s free and useful there’s a good chance some guy with a truck will take it.

For more information go to the Reuse page.


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