Canada’s climate policy is the worst in the developed world, according to a recent report, and Canadians are losing faith in their leaders’ ability to effect any meaningful change. So let’s show that there are folks in Ottawa working to make sustainability a priority in our community and our country.

Wikipedia provides this list of environmental organizations based in Canada. Scroll over the BLOGROLL titles for a wide variety of local organizations dedicated to economic and environmental sustainability, and get involved as a donor or volunteer. The Slow Ottawa sections on cycling and walking include many links to local advocacy groups. Check for resources and events on the city’s Neighbourhood Programs & Events web page. Contact your local official to express concern about climate change and other issues, as recommended by Charles Hodgson on this how-to page from Ecology Ottawa. And if you haven’t done so, please be sure to sign Ecology Ottawa’s Complete Streets Petition by clicking on the banner below. (Tweet it here.)

For related resources see Educate.


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