This is the place to thank the people, businesses and organizations who have made it possible to keep Slow Ottawa going. Anonymous donations are gratefully accepted, but if you’d care to be named then I can add you to the list below, to be seen by some of our thousand visitors a month. Although I will only list PayPal contributions of $20 or more, every little bit helps. So thanks for anything you can give.

By supporting Slow Ottawa you will also contribute directly to the Vision Zero Canada and Love 30 Canada traffic safety campaigns, to which you may also contribute directly here and here. Donations of $30 or more will entitle you to weatherproof stickers— one for every $10 donated—from either site. Vision Zero Canada stickers can be seen here, and Love 30 Canada stickers here.

TIME GIVERS listed alphabetically by surname.

Elspeth McKay
Bruce Nicol
Eleanor Rogers
Dan Rubinstein
Elizabeth Salvaterra
Lizz Thrasher & friend
Kathrin von Dehn

MONEY GIVERS listed alphabetically by surname or business name, according to amount of total gift. Businesses are in bold, and in Ottawa unless otherwise stated.

Eleanor Rogers

Elspeth McKay
Stella Luna Gelato Café

Elizabeth Salvaterra


Atlantis Beauty Spa, 1183 Bank St.
Barrhaven Real Estate Agents, 2649 Fallingwater Ci, Barrhaven
The Cellphone Store, 358 Rideau St.
Vance Fok
Independent Music Promotions
H. Masud Taj
The Wilson Team, 1430 Prince of Wales Drive, suite 9


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