Launched in October 2013, Slow Ottawa has two main aims.

The first aim is to provide people in Ottawa with some fairly up-to-date guidance to living in a financially, socially and ecologically sustainable way. That’s all in place on the home page of this website, which I occasionally update, and which generally gets some 75 to 100 hits a day at time of writing (Sept 2015).

The second (and probably more important) aim of Slow Ottawa is to reach a global audience with ideas for making our cities more liveable. As someone who’s allergic to FaceBook I’ve found Twitter and Pinterest to be especially effective tools in this broader advocacy effort. Twitter has the distinct advantage of being conversational: it’s a global salon in which you can exchange quips with all kinds of intelligent, informed, witty people, with little pressure to ‘friend’ anyone you don’t want to follow. Pinterest, which I rashly touted as an ideal “tool for urban advocacy” shortly after adopting it, has proven to be just that. So I encourage you to browse the Twitter feed and Pinterest boards, and to support this enterprise if you like what you see.

Thanks for visiting,


Graham Larkin


COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: The web site at SlowOttawa.ca and all content (text, photos, and graphics) are copyright Graham Larkin 2013 unless otherwise credited. All rights reserved. Individuals are encouraged to link to this site and permitted to reproduce produce material from this site for their personal (non-commercial, non-public) use. Parties interested in reproducing reproducing any text, photos or image for commercial or public purposes should obtain prior permission from the author using the contact form above.

DISCLAIMER: While the information provided on the SlowOttawa.ca web site, and all its subsidiary pages, is believed to be correct and up to date (as of October 2013), this site, and all its subsidiary pages, are not explicitly or implicitly warranted or represented to be free of errors, omissions, or inaccuracies, nor is the information at this site and all its subsidiary pages explicitly or implicitly warranted or represented to be suitable or fit for any purpose. Use this site, and the information provided on this site “as is”, and entirely at your own risk.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: This web site is operated by an individual, and not a business, and it does not attempt to collect any personal information without prior permission.

© Graham Larkin, 2013.


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