The Slow Ottawa audiocasts are long-form (1 hr+) interviews in which sustainability-minded people sit down to share their stories with Slow Ottawa proprietor Graham Larkin. Click below for the episodes to date. More people (including Somerset Ward Councillor Catherine McKenney and Toronto Star columnist Susan Delacourt) have kindly agreed to appear on future episodes. But this all takes time and money to produce, so if you (or your business) would like to hear these in-depth interviews and be announced as a sponsor in an upcoming episode, please let me know.

tu_thumbAudiocast #5: Tactical Urbanism(s) with Pedro Gadanho and Mike Lydon released 13 Feb 2015. What exactly is Tactical Urbanism? Urbanist Mike Lydon and curator Pedro Gadanho seek common ground in this conversation with Graham Larkin.

Audiocast #4: Living Lightly with David Chernushenko released 4 Jan 2014. Graham Larkin chats for an hour with Ottawa city councilor David Chernushenko, a tireless local advocate for living lightly and  active transit.

Audiocast #3: Coming Home to Centretown released 5 Dec 2013. Graham Larkin chats for an hour with Elspeth McKay, Executive Director of the Operation Come Home youth centre in Ottawa.

Audiocast #2: Walking with Dan Rubinstein released 14 Nov 2013. Graham Larkin chats for an hour with neighbour and award-winning journalist Dan Rubinstein about his Born to Walk project.

 Audiocast #1: The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be released 18 Oct 2013. A six-minute teaser recorded on a bad microphone, released before Slow Ottawa was launched. A tentative record of what I was hoping to accomplish.

Intro / outro music: Matthew Larkin.

Click below for a sampling of sustainability-themed audio & video from across the web.



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