Audiocast #4: Living Lightly with David Chernushenko

David as photographed by a passer-by on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City during the making of his latest film “Bike City, Great City.”

“SUSTAINABILITY IS SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECONOMIC” says David Chernushenko—seasoned campaigner for community improvement and current Councillor for Ottawa’s Capital Ward—in this hour-long interview with Slow Ottawa host Graham Larkin.  Here David reveals exactly how he got his start in advocacy for living lightly; he explains why he eschews partisan labels; he expresses his hope for a generation more attuned to light living; and he shares many stories about recent local initiatives. These include implementing the first segregated bike lanes in Ontario at Laurier Ave; advocating for a new pedestrian bridge between Fifth and Clegg and a “complete” Main Street in Ottawa East; and trying to rein in the over-development of the Landsdowne Park exhibition ground—home to the splendid Aberdeen Pavilion. The discussion ends with a consideration of “what good public process feels like” and how to encourage it in future decisions.

To listen to the complete episode use the player below, or click HERE for more options.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: David’s Capital Ward website provides a biography and an up-to-date archive of all his activities, including service on the City of Ottawa’s Transportation Committee and the Environment Committee, Board of Health, Crime Prevention Ottawa, and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. For more on the Landsdowne affair visit the Friends of Lansdowne website. Here’s the site for David’s acclaimed new documentary “Bike City, Great City.” In the course of the interview I make reference to two great resources for complete streets, namely Jan Gehl’s Cities for People and Jeff Speck’s Walkable City. For more on complete streets see this Slow Ottawa page, and for thoughts on responsible local planning start here.

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