Welcome to Slow Ottawa 1.0

Today, Sunday morning. Beautiful fall weather.

7:45. Get out of bed. No kids this weekend.

7:50. Finish some leftover coffee.

8:00. Zazen (坐禅, sitting in front of a blank wall).

8:30. Make a fresh pot of coffee.

8:50. Walk along the bike path, snapping some photos on the camera phone to make a new Slow Ottawa header.

9:45. Back to the house.

10:15. New header completed. Here it is:


(These images come up randomly every time you change or refresh the page.)

10:20. Begin writing this post.

10:37. Prepare to launch. Work out a few last-minute logistics.

11:40(ish). Launch.

This is the slow life I’m striving to live. How about you?

Click on the header or home button to get started. Thanks for visiting.



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